3 Easy Steps for Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

Do you have a plan for your YouTube marketing strategy? Are you wondering what works on YouTube and how did others succeed? We look at the marketing problems YouTubers commonly face, and give you a short but effective list of advice to follow in order to overcome them.

3 Easy Steps for Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube marketing success

Many problems may affect the popularity of your YouTube channel: from being restricted to view in some regions (which is not often the case with personal channels), to having too little content, or irregular posting schedule. You may have failed to properly brand your channel or just find it difficult to create a new and engaging content.

If you are struggling with branding you can check our post about video branding where we explain this process in more detail, while here we focus on marketing principles linked to your content.

Having a successful YouTube channel starts with a good strategy and planning. The most important part of your channel is, of course, your content, which needs to be carefully planned, created, and marketed.

Many pages have been written on the topic of YouTube marketing, and much more courses have been created with the aim to help you master this segment. We went through this pool of knowledge and narrowed it down to three basic YouTube marketing strategy principles that are considered the key to success.

Start applying them and see your channel grow!

Consistent YouTube marketing

You need to post if you want to get viewers and subscribers. This does not mean that one post every now and then will suffice. You ought to post regularly so you create a habit among the viewers to expect your content and to click on it once it arrives.

Calculate the time you want to commit to this and create a schedule that works for you. Upload a new content as frequently as possible for the best results.


Why should anyone watch your video? What’s in it for the viewers? Try to answer these questions and the problem you are having with your channel may become obvious.

In order to grow your audience, your videos need to provide some real value to the viewers. Invest in creating the best possible content that offers some value to them, being it entertainment, advice, tips, or anything else you find important to share with the world.


It doesn’t matter if you have the most brilliant idea how to solve a problem or to do something if you present it in a boring manner. Nobody will continue watching your videos if they resemble thousands similar that can be found online.

In order to attract viewers to your YouTube channel, you should create entertaining and engaging content that separates you from the others. In marketing, being original can make all the difference, so think about it before you start creating.

YouTube marketing strategy

Making an effort to be original, offering a unique value to viewers, and posting consistently, are three simple YouTube marketing strategies that will push your statistics up.

Being successful is all about the quality of content and reliability. Make your presence on YouTube known by focusing on these marketing principles, and don’t forget to introduce your content with a high-quality video intro as well!

Thank you for reading this article!

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