Easily Master Your Social Media Video Strategy

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter are the dominant social media platforms today. How can you boost your presence on them? The answer is simple – with a social media video. But how to create the best social media video strategy that can draw engagement? We explain some of the perks of this process in this post.

Easily Master Your Social Media Video Strategy

Social media video strategy that works

In one of our previous blog posts, we explained why social media video strategy is important. It draws more engagement and is the most desirable format that viewers want to see.

Among the advice we gave you about social media video, there was the one to tailor your content for each of the social media separately. This way you won’t fall into a trap of addressing the wrong audience with the wrong format, style etc.

Tailoring your videos for each social media does not mean that you need to create several completely different videos for each of them; adding some small adjustments would work fine as well.

Before we turn to explain what type of video content works for the social media we mentioned above, you should also be aware of what content is the most shareable, regardless of the platform.

Social media video strategy for millennials

The truth about social media is that its users mostly come from a generation that does not dwell too long on any type of content. Millennials share videos that grab attention from the start and do not dwell too long on those that tend to go too deep into explanations.

Being short and to the point, with high-quality intros and outros, is the best recipe if you what to engage social media users. The short and ‘snackable’ content keeps the attention and saves time so the users can see more of your videos in one go.

Now that you know what types of videos get the most shares and clicks, it is time to look into differences between Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, when it comes to video content.

But before we go there, check out what tips Jan Rezab have on social media video marketing.

Social Media Video Strategy for Facebook

Facebook is one of the fastest growing social platforms. It is also among the most important video platforms, pushing even YouTube to the second place. Users watch around 100 million hours of video each day on Facebook, so you can understand why we start with this social media.

Facebook viewers prefer to have captions with each video, as they often watch them without sound. Provide this option with your video and you’ll surely keep your audience interested. You can use the automatic captioning that Facebook provided in 2016, but check its accuracy.

Another feature that Facebook users love is a live video or Facebook Live. It is watched three times more than regular videos, so it’s a good strategy to include it. This video is not expected to be of great quality as it is made with mobiles, so you’ll save money on production.

Social Media Video Strategy for Twitter

Twitter users go for entertaining videos. Even if you are promoting your product do it in a way that would not put your viewers to sleep. Most Twitter videos are viewed on mobile devices; therefore, you should make your videos mobile-friendly. Twitter also includes live video option you can use.

YouTube Video Strategy

One thing you don’t need to worry about when it comes to YouTube is the length of your video. While you should not go overboard with it, longer videos are completely acceptable, and viewers even expect a longer and more in-depth content to see on YouTube.

The execution and quality of your videos are more important here than on other social media. Therefore, invest more time in creating high-quality videos. You can also stream live video on this platform, but the quality is more important and draws engagement.

Regarding the type of video that is best suited for YouTube, how-to and explainer videos are among the most watched.

Instagram Video, IGTV

Instagram users scroll through their feeds much quicker than the users on other social media, so the emphasis here is on the great intros and to-the-point captions. Make a clear call to action, be concise, and direct. Also, choose a captivating thumbnail. The users will often decide whether to click on your video or to pass it based on how your thumbnails look like.

You can choose to post videos to your feed or to add them to your story. A 10-seconds video clip can be streamed live on your Instagram Stories, and you can post a video of up to one minute on your feed. The video you post to your story will stay there for 24 hours. IGTV was launched and opens more television-like possibilities, although incompatible with the standard 16:9 video format it will be interesting to see which users adopt this feature.

Social media video will boost your popularity

To watch all the video content shared each month, one individual would need 5 million years. With such a high output, it is important to master all the aspects and strategies that can boost the interest in your video. Keep an eye on this blog for more in-depth social media video guidelines in the future.

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