Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to render a free or paid video?

    Maximum 3 minutes, please be patient, your video is being rendered freshly each time you submit it. Except premium animation orders handmade by our team, those take up to 24 hours, in both cases we'll notify by email when your purchases are ready for download.
  • What video quality level are your videos?

    Purchased final quality videos are professional-grade HD mp4 video files. We guarantee high-end video quality without any wrong pixels or artifacts. If you find any error please get in touch with [email protected] for free replacement. Free 360p videos are watermarked low resolution video files for preview purposes, you might see pixels in the video due to compression.
  • Where can I download my purchased video?

    Download your purchase from the Introbrand "My Videos" page. A green -Download- button appears after purchase below the video. If the status is: "file not ready to download yet" please wait 1-2 minutes for the confirmation email and refresh the dialog box. If you don't see your download after latest 10 minutes, please write us to [email protected]
  • Which framerate to choose? 25 FPS or 30 FPS?

    For professional results, purchase the same framerate than used in your video editing projects. For United States use 30fps, for Europe and many parts of Asia use 25 FPS. Please check your country's standards. We switch your framerate for free if you accidentally purchase the wrong one.
  • What does the license include and where can I use my purchased video?

    You may publish, sell, screen and distribute your purchased videos as part of your media production on any media (online, web, social media, games, broadcast, digital signage, point of sale, e-billboards) unlimited times, worldwide and without restrictions. Free 360p videos are only for personal use on social media.
  • Where can I download my free 360p videos?

    When your free 360p video has been rendered, you may download it directly to your computer in the "my videos" section by right-clicking on the video itself and choose "Save as...". If you can't see the "Save as..." dialog, please try another browser.
  • Can I get a refund for a purchased video?

    Please understand that we can't refund any downloadable videos, there's no way to track downloads for us. If you mistakenly purchased a wrong resolution or frame-rate, or if there's a visible issue within your purchased video, please get in touch with us.
  • Why do I need to upload a high resolution logo?

    Many of our animations will show your logo very large. To avoid any visible pixel, we want to make sure that your video intro looks top notch. For final purchases in HD or even 4K we recommend uploading only high-resolution png files with transparent background. Of course you can experiment with uploading images or graphics as well, as long as they are PNG or JPG files. In any case the visual size of your logo will stay the same even if you upload a higher resolution of the same logo.
  • Can I change the color of my logo with the color correct slider?

    If you want to change the color of your logo you’ll have to do it before uploading to our site.