Top 10 Reasons to Invest in an Animated Logo for Your Brand

You might be surprised by just how much of a lasting impression an animated logo can leave on a viewer. Click here for the top 10 reasons you should invest in an animated logo for your brand.

Top 10 Reasons to Invest in an Animated Logo for Your Brand

Coming up with your logo takes some thought. It's going to represent your brand for a long time. You want it to stand out and grab attention. It's the symbol that you want people to see and think of your product or service.

Have you considered using an animated logo? An animated logo works well. It's an original idea and you need that in a competitive marketplace. The best part about it is, it's perfect for anything.

Animation is a fun easy alternative for your logo. Let's take a look at why animation works.

Using an Animated Logo

Depending on your product, you can have a difficult time finding the perfect logo. You want it to talk to people and have the ability to stick with people to sell your brand.

1. Evokes Good Feelings

We all start out watching cartoons as kids. They bring back such great feelings. It doesn't matter what age you are, you have that memory of watching cartoons. We relate to animation as safe, fun and familiar.

Using that as your logo can give us the same feeling, even if it's a short clip. We relate to it better. You have to have a logo, so get a moving one.

2. Open Creativity

This is a huge selling point for using animation. You can do anything you want. It's great if you are trying to sell something that is already flooding the market. An animated logo stands out.

It's also very versatile. If you make a video within the same theme, you don't have to reshoot an entire promo when things change. You can just tweak it to update it. The logo can remain the same, but with new animation.

3. People Remember Longer

When people see your logo, they will retain it. Particularly if it makes them smile or laugh. if you add some humor to the logo, people react and relate to it. If you sell hammers and your logo is a dancing hammer, people remember that longer than your competition.

Just like a little snippet of a song stuck in your head, get your logo stuck in your potential customer's heads. Something dynamic and colorful will do that. make them remember you longer.

4. Associate to Your Brand

A great logo has legs. When people remember it and tie it back to you and your product, that's job done. Your logo is your brand, so make it as memorable as possible.

The use of animation increases the chances of your brand being associated with your great logo. They have a long lasting power that regular logos, unless well-established, just don't carry.

5. Original

Using a design, a letter or initials, or other graphics are more limiting. There are only so many fonts to choose from. With animation, you can create the most original logo available.

No one else will have this logo, no one will come close. The doors are wide open for creativity and originality. It's often the leg up on the competition you need. They won't have anything similar, even with a similar product.

6. Hold Attention Longer

People will look at your logo longer. When they are on your website, they will stay longer. When you have all of your social media built around the same image, imagine the effect it will have.

It's slick, new and interesting. People will often watch it several times, and if it's really creative, share it. It might be the first time people have seen this type of logo, so make one that they will want to watch over and over again.

7. Increase Sharing

People love to share on social media. Especially things they find amusing. With a video, you can expect it to get shown and shared a lot more. Animation talks to people in ways regular pictures and videos can't.

Using humor with animation is a great way to market a product where people don't feel like they are being sold something. It's not invasive, pushy or annoying. People love to laugh and share things that make them laugh.

The right video can go viral, which is what you hope for. Sharing a great video can happen very quickly. Having your logo on it means business.

8. Tells A Story

Even a short video logo tells so much more than just a static graphic. Use color, motion, music and make it eye-catching so people will play it over and over. It can be subtle, amusing, or bold.

9. Cost Effective

With animated video logos, you can make them yourself. You can make a few different ones, if needed and use your logo in different ways. The video logo is relatively inexpensive when you think about what you are getting.

Why settle for a static graphics when you can add movement, shadows, music, and color. Get more bang for your buck with a moving logo.

10. Whole Package

Get your website logo animated and then connect it to all your social media. Add a video for promotion within the same vein and connect that all in, too. You can build a whole brand around your logo, your video, and your website.

Put you animated logo on all your pages. Add your links to all of your pages and social media on your website and they will see your logo every time they visit. It's the perfect way to create a recognizable brand.

Get Moving

Technology allows us to continually stay one step ahead of the competition. Get your logo moving towards success. Let the logo tell your story, and grab people's attention.

We all need to use all the tricks and tools available to us. It's competitive out there and you need to stay on top of it all. An animated logo is a good place to start. You can build your entire website and campaign around it.

Make your logo and your product dance. It's easy and cost-effective. For more information or to start building your own, please continue reading here.

Thank you for reading this article!

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