7 Tips for Designing Cool Logos That Don't Suck

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Are you creating a logo for your business?

Wondering how to make sure your logo is the best it can be?

The right logo can do a lot for a business and can help your company stand out from competitors in a big way. However, it can be trickier than you may think to create a memorable, unique, and eye-catching logo that represents your business well.

Luckily, we're here to help. Below we'll give you a few important tips for designing cool logos.

1. Dare to Be Different, But Don't Overdo It

When creating your logo it's important that you're willing to be different. While you should follow the basic principles of logo design when building your logo, you should also look for ways to differentiate from competitors.

Too many businesses have logos that are nearly identical and that don't stand out from the crowd very much. Be aware of what the cliches are for your industry and make sure you scope out a few competitors' logos to make sure you don't make yours too similar to theirs.

However, while you should be working to make your logo design stand out there is such a thing as overdoing it. Sometimes simpler is better so make sure you're not trying to too many things at once. In some cases, a clean-cut, minimalistic logo may just be all you need to create a great face for your company.

2. Add Some Unique Style

When trying to make your logo different, you should also consider what style of logo you want to have. You'll want to consider a few specific styles and features that may help your logo stand out.

Here a few things that may help differentiate your logo in a big way:

  • Adding a Tagline: A short 3-7 word tagline that sums up your brand or vision can add a lot of interest to your logo.
  • A Visual Double Entendre: A logo which functions as two things at once in a way that aligns with your brand can be extremely memorable.
  • Using Custom Type: Custom type can give your logo a professional design that really stands out when compared to competing logos.

While there are many more ways to differentiate your logo, the above options, while not required, are definitely some good choices you make to take your logo to the next level. 

3. Think Carefully About Color

To design an amazing logo, one of the most important things you should think about is color.

If you know anything about color psychology, you probably know that each color can evoke different emotions and feelings from people. Red is the color of attraction for example, while blue can have a calming effect. You'll want to think about the psychology colors carefully when designing your logo.

In addition to color psychology, you'll also want to make sure that the colors in your logo fit together well. Make sure the colors look good together and also align with your brand, your company, and any other marketing materials you already have.

4. Incorporate Your Company's Vision

When designing your logo it's important that you think about your company's core values and vision. Use your company's products, services, and culture to influence the design of the logo that you create. 

Having a vision for your company and trying to get it across using your logo is often a great idea. By doing this successfully, your logo will have different layers of meaning to it and this can help create the extra depth that it needs to stand out in a competitive industry.

5. Use Your Space Well

In addition to color, it's essential to think about spacing when creating your logo. You need to plan well and be very specific when thinking about aspects of your logo such as proportion, symmetry and logo size.

You probably don't want your logo to be too cluttered. It's usually ideal to incorporate some negative space into your design so that you can make your logo easy on the eyes and not too much to handle visually.

6. Consider Using an "Active" Design

Another idea you'll want to consider to make your logo look great is whether you want to use an "active" design. An example of this is the modern version of the Twitter logo, which features a bird in flight rather than a bird that is stationary.

If your logo features an animal, a vehicle, or something that moves, sometimes it's a good idea to show it in motion. While this isn't always the best choice, in many cases switching a logo from passive to active can be ideal and can be the thing that takes your logo to the next level.

7. Get Professional Help

If you're creating a logo for a small business you may be tempted to handle the logo design yourself. However, this isn't always the best idea. You may want to consider getting a graphic design professional to help you create the perfect logo for your business instead.

Remember that a logo will end up being the face of your business for a long time to come. It's better to pay a little more money upfront and not skimp on the design. In addition to all of the tips mentioned above, a graphic designer will have a wealth of previous education and logo design experience at their disposal.

While it's possible to make a great logo on your own, a logo design is definitely one thing you may want to consider hiring out for instead.

Making Cool Logos With These Tips

Creating cool logos is important if you're serious about your business and want to make sure it succeeds in the long run. By using a few of these expert tips, you'll be sure to create a great logo that represents your business well and is also easily remembered by customers. 

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