Get Your YouTube Branding in 3 Quick Steps

You have amazing videos that you posted on your newly-created YouTube channel, but you can still sum up your subscribers and followers into two-digit numbers. Do you want to know how to change this? Start with YouTube branding!

Get Your First YouTube Branding in 3 Quick Steps

YouTube branding – a key to success

Before you start questioning the quality of your content, check out the look of your channel. Is it consistent with your brand? Does it follow the style you applied to your other social media channels? And most importantly, does it have a strong and engaging intro showing your logo?

Making your channel attractive enough to make the viewers stay does not depend only on the content of your videos. The first impression is almost more important as it sets the tone and level of professionalism for every new visitor.

How a channel looks (and feels) like will make all the difference when it comes to views and visitors. Think about it this way: does your channel resembles a mashed-up pile of visuals not making a coherent whole, or each segment refers to your brand and possesses a visual consistency?

A strong and consistent YouTube branding will help you get noticed and show your viewers that you are serious about your channel.

In order to help you get there, here are the three easy steps to follow for an effective YouTube branding.

3 basic steps to your YouTube branding

  • Brand your channel icon

Like other social media, YouTube also requires you to upload a channel icon. This is a small image that will appear in search results, in your comments, and underneath your videos on the watch page.

Avoid using a random image that is not related to your brand, but instead choose an image or a logo that reflects what the channel is about.

If you are a single voice, your portrait will be ok to use, but if you are promoting your start-up or a company, uploading your logo is more appropriate.

  • Create a captivating channel art

Channel art is the term used for a YouTube feature image that is elsewhere called a banner or a header image. Again, the worst thing you can do is to upload some unrelated image just because it looks good.

Channel art should be branded as well, so invest some time in creating an image that will reflect the aesthetic and general feel of your brand.

How to create a channel art? See in the video below.

  • Make your viewers stay with an engaging intro logo

As we are well aware from different statistics, around 20% of viewers will leave your video after only a few seconds of watching. In order to keep your viewers interested, you need to work harder on the first seconds of your video.

The best option is to have a visually-engaging intro quickly showing your logo. Now you can get professional-quality logo animation intros customized to fit your brand in just a few minutes with Introbrand. Just pick a premium online video maker. You can read more about the whole process of creating video logos in our previous post. 

Another branding strategy is watermarking of your YouTube videos, which will round-up your visual presence.

How to add a watermark to your YouTube video?

YouTube branding may seem at a first glance less relevant than the content and quality of your videos. But as much of today’s online world relies on strong visual presence, YouTube is not an exception.

Boost your channel with YouTube branding

Your channel will appear more professional, reliable, and trustworthy to your viewers if you brand it properly. This does not require hiring an expensive branding agency, but you can do it in a few simple steps we described above.

Make sure that the channel icon and channel art reflect the feel, look, and personality of your brand, and start your videos with a branded logo intro in order to capture the attention of your viewers.