Why You Need Facebook for Your Business

With a whopping 2.4 billion people users every month, there is no secret that Facebook can deliver unfathomable benefits for your brand and business. In this article, we look at some fascinating Facebook features that can help your business achieve virtually any marketing goals and objectives.


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Top Facebook Features That Every Business Should Be Using


1. Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is an excellent feature that helps businesses evaluate the profoundness of their marketing campaign and the quality of their engagements, content, and demographics of their audience.

Hit the Facebook insights icon, and in the dropdown menu, look for the Page Watch feature to check out what competitors are up to. It is a healthy business practice to keep an eye on competitors’ pages and see the activity, engagement, and growth as compared to yours.

Additionally, the Facebook Insight feature allows you to collect useful data that you can use to predict the best time to post your content. It also displays data about when the fans are online by day or weekly. You’ll also find the reach and engagement data that gives you a better idea of the content you should post.


2. The Facebook Pixel

Facebook is renowned for allowing you to create useful integrations, engaging ads, and highly targeted campaigns. However, how do you track, analyze, and quantify the success of these marketing strategies?

This is where Facebook Pixel comes in handy. For those wondering what this term means, Facebook Pixel is a snippet code placed at the back end of your site.

It functions as an analytical tool that helps you measure and analyze adds to enhance your brand and improve the ROI. Businesses can use pixel data to expose other Facebook advertising tools, ensure that your ads are displayed to the right people, and create advertising audiences.

Generally, this feature enhances your Facebook ad campaigns' effectiveness, measures conversions, and provides insights about users who visit your page.


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3. Facebook Videos

In recent times, videos have proven to be very efficient and powerful marketing tools. And thanks to modern technologies, they can now open automatically on fans' timelines.

More than 72% of businesses confirm that video marketing has significantly bolstered their conversion rates. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is also a popular marketing strategy on Facebook.

Whether you are posting your product videos on the newsfeed or going for video ads that target customers that visit your page or other similar pages, videos can be a great way to catch someone’s eye.

If you create an inspirational, memorable, and entertaining videos, you can attract more people to your brand and convert most of them into customers.


4. Free Stock Images

One of the best ways to make sure that customers remember your brand or product is to use eye-catching, crystal-clear, and top-quality images. However, this doesn’t mean that that you need to become a professional photographer by night.

You can make use of Facebook’s free stock images that are sure to excite even the hard-headed audience. The database boasts over 25 million Shutterstock images, and all you need to do is choose a photo that resonates with your brand.


5. Facebook Stories

It is estimated that more than half a billion people watch Facebook Stories daily. Stories may include a vertical format photo or video that disappears after 24 hours.

They offer you the chance to give fans a sneak peek into your day to day routine. If you are not using Facebook Stories for your business in 2020, you are losing an excellent opportunity to foster meaningful and powerful connections with fans.


6. Custom Audiences

If you are a savvy marketer, you definitely understand how valuable remarketing is. Research indicates that individuals who come into contact with remarketing ads are thrice likely to engage and twice likely to convert. The Custom Audiences, which is Facebook's form of remarketing, delivers adds to these group of users:

  • People who have shared their contacts or email with your company

  • Individuals who have at one point and time visited your website.

  • Your company’s app users.

Since these people have already familiarized themselves with your brand, using Custom Audiences to deliver targeted ads can sway them to take action.


7. Engagement Ads on Posts

Now more than ever, it is relatively easy to reach out to the most valuable people that engage with your posts. Facebook uses Engagement Ads to target fans who comment, react, or share the stuff you post on your Facebook page.

It makes sense to spend a few dollars on ads that target people who have shown interest in your brand instead of investing in ads that target all your Facebook followers.


8. Facebook Message Bots

You don't have to employ a Facebook business manager to reply to customers’ inquiries, suggestions, or orders via your inbox; the newly unveiled Facebook chatbots can do that.

These useful elements help you to communicate with your customers all around the clock. If you've been having problems with customer service and sales on your Facebook page, chatbots might be the solution you are looking for.

They will help you answer customer questions in real-time, take orders, offer automated information, help users purchase various products, and even send shipping notifications.


Final Verdict,

Without any doubt, Facebook has completely overhauled how people market their businesses. It arms you we the tools you need to reach prospects and turn them into long-term customers.

If you have been thinking of unleashing your Facebook marketing strategies but don’t know where to start, these intuitive Facebook features are sure to help you publicize your brand or business online.

It is up to you to take up the mantle and see which feature or tool aligns perfectly with your business strategy.


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