5 Hacks to Get More YouTube Subscribers

Are you looking for a way to boost your YouTube channel? Getting massive views and traffic cannot happen if you do not build your audience first. YouTube widget, call to action, annotations, and interactions, are all important if you want to get more YouTube subscribers. Check our post to learn more about the each of them!

5 Hacks to Get More YouTube Subscribers

YouTube subscribers are essential

If you followed our instructions from previous posts on how to create, customize, and brand your YouTube channel, the logical next step is to create a strong online community of subscribers. YouTube subscribers are persons who choose to follow you, and who watch, comment, and share your content. They are, therefore, essential for your channel’s growth and popularity.

Every now and then we hear stories about the highest grossing Youtubers and the success they achieved with this social media platform. Massive views and a subscribers’ base counting millions are what they have in common.

Replicating their success is not an easy task, but you can start with these 5 hacks that will surely help you get more YouTube subscribers to your channel

5 Hacks to boost your YouTube subscribers

  • You need to ask for subscribers

Although many YouTubers assume that if you have great videos people will automatically subscribe, things are not always working like that. To get more subscribers you need to - and here is the twist - ask your viewers to subscribe! It’s simple as that.

The best option is to add a call to action in your video or ask them to click on the Subscribe button. It is important to tell your viewers how and why to do it – which bring us to our second point.

  • Create a payoff

If you are asking someone to do something for you, you should be also ready to give something in return. Not everyone will be ready to subscribe to your channel just because you have great videos.

You can entice them by offering to do something fun once you reach your goal. For example, if your goal is to reach the first 1000 subscribers, you can offer to do a special video on the topic they choose, or to send a free giveaway once you reach that goal.

Don’t shy away from sharing your goal and the payoff as people will be more ready to help you reach it.

  • Use annotations and widgets strategically

Annotations are quite common nowadays on YouTube, but they are also often overused or misplaced. People tend to put them all over the videos, creating a visual mess that distracts from the content.

Annotations resemble sticky notes pasted to your screen. You can strategically post a call-to-action bubble in your video close to the Subscribe button or create a clickable call-to-action annotation that is highlighted, so viewers can click on it in your video directly.

Another great way to get more YouTube subscribers is to add a YouTube widget to your website or blog. This can help you bring subscribers to your channel directly.

  • Take advantage of the Featured Channels option

Teaming up with other content creators can help you get more YouTube subscribers. Feature their channels on yours through Featured Channel option, and hopefully some will do the same for you. Pick the ones that have similar content, as their subscribers will be more interested in your videos as well.

  • Interact as frequently as possible

YouTube is not just a platform for sharing videos. It is also a community of the similar-minded people who are engaged in their work and are looking to interact and share their ideas with others.

Don’t remain passive, but comment on, share, subscribe to, and like other channels. They will respond in a similar manner, creating you a base of subscribers interested in the similar stuff as you are.

Besides getting more YouTube subscribers, this is also an excellent way of getting some constructive comments on your work that can help you get even better.

Get more YouTube subscribers now!

Now that you know the 5 hacks for getting more YouTube subscribers, implement them in your channel strategy. It’s important to remember that YouTube is not a one-way channel where you just post your videos to be seen but is a community of individuals brought together by similar interests who also want to interact with you.

Ask people to subscribe, use call-to-action annotations and widgets on your blog or website, and don’t forget to constantly interact and offer some payoff when your goal is reached.

Don’t forget, the more you give out on YouTube the more you’ll get in return!

Featured image by Jacob Ufkes via unsplash.com.

Posted by: Introbrand