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Create a YouTube intro with your logo or name. Fully online, no software needed.

It's no secret that successful YouTube channels use very short and minimalist intros for their videos. Nobody enjoys watching some lengthy amateur graphics.

With Introbrand you can create short and simple YouTube intros via online intro templates. No design skills or any software needed, get your intro done in 3 minutes.

YouTube Intros

Get a YouTube Intro or Outro
for Your Videos

Introbrand is a video intro maker that is easy to use. Our customization options help you make a truly engaging intro. Leave a memorable first impression and your audience will keep watching your channel.

Our simple web interface gives you the freedom to get free previews. After exporting and downloading your final intro to your computer, you will be ready to add it to your video productions with any video editing software.

How to Use our Online Intro Maker

youtube intro

1. Browse intro templates

Browse our YouTube Intro gallery and pick the one that fits your channel or video. Don't worry about colors yet, they can be changed in the next step. We offer a variety of themes and styles from classical, urban, and modern, to those inspired by minimalism, cult films, graffiti, and many more.

2. Choose logo or text

All our animations are designed to work with logo and text input. Go to the custom branding dropdown menu next to the video and either select Add My Logo or Add My Text.

3. Select video duration

A professional intro is sweet and short. Keep in mind that they will be seen millions of times. We offer durations of 3, 5 and 8 seconds for professional use. These are the most efficient for kickstarting your videos and keeping your viewers engaged.

4. Customize colors & music

Flare up your video with custom colors! Just move the color slider to change the color tone of the entire intro. You can also set the colors of your texts by clicking on the circles. Introbrand's YouTube intro maker comes with an exclusive music selection.

Choose a nice soundtrack for your video, such as break dub, smooth jazz or mellow synth, among others. By the way, the music will be magically fitted to your intro.

5. Sign up for previews

Every production needs an owner. After a simple sign up, your video preview will be automatically processed and will show up in your Introbrand account within a minute or so. You can create as many video previews as you like – try different layouts and colors absolutely for free.

6. Download video intro

Whenever you're happy with your preview, export and download your video in super-crisp final video resolution. Introbrand offers many video resolutions with pay-as-you-go prices. Some intros are even available in slick 4K resolution – only offered at Introbrand.

How to Make a Video Intro
for Your Brand

Downloading (or paying for) software or templates from web marketplaces can leave your video looking cheap like the millions of amateurish intros seen on YouTube. Choose from our design agency grade design library and let the branding magic work for you.

Try different color versions, different logos or design styles, and create powerful YouTube intros that stand out from the mishmash. Your intro production will be fun with our YouTube intro maker.

YouTube Intro Emberbash

This explosive YouTube intro will make your video channel explode with excitement. The bang of glowing hot particles creates a melting feel while the dynamic animation style adds confidence to your YouTube channel. Customize the main color from glowing lava fire to an ice look and add this hot YouTube intro to your video productions.

YouTube Intro Eboncut

YouTube Intro Emberbash

YouTube Intro Eboncut

Looking for an elegant custom YouTube video intro that captures attention in a blink of an eye? This clean intro video relies on the timeless contrast between black and white and is a winning intro for YouTube.

YouTube Intro Eboncut

YouTube Intro Eboncut

YouTube Video Intro Lightpaint

Lit up your brand with an elegant Youtube video intro where soothing lines of light bring the feeling of power, light, and unceasing energy. If your brand or channel shares the same qualities, then make this YouTube intro now, customize colors and see how it will put your logo into the spotlight!

YouTube Intro Lightpaint

YouTube Video Intro Lightpaint

To get started with our YouTube intro maker, all you need to do is pick an intro from our collection and click the Create Now button next to it. Making watermarked previews is free without any obligation.

Whenever you're happy with your preview, remove the watermark by choosing one of our affordable, industry-grade video formats and export your final intro in ultra-crisp HD resolutions. Your video files will be ready for download in just a few minutes.

Video Intro Maker with
Professional Features

  • Super-fast

    Can’t wait to get a slick YouTube intro for your channel? Don’t worry – With Introbrand your video is ready for download in a minute.

  • Easy as pie

    You create everything online — no software or complex design skills needed. Build your intro with just a few clicks of the mouse.

  • Premier look

    The best-in-class video intro designs will leave your viewers spellbound. Smart customization algorithms and brilliant resolutions.

  • Free Audio included

    Getting a licensed soundtrack matching your video can be expensive. Just pick any tune from our music library, sit back and enjoy.

  • Customizable Designs

    Pick a stylish intro template, change colors and text. Our advanced templates will adapt to your logo and animate it like magic.

  • Full broadcast license

    No legal worries. With every purchased YouTube intro you'll get a lifetime license to use it freely on the web or even TV.

Create Your Video Intro
in Just 3 minutes

Professional results are available at your fingertips with introbrand. Instead of sweating over complex video software for days, get your unique intro created in seconds with this YouTube intro maker.

No technical knowledge is required to use its simple interface and powerful video maker features. Our collection of uniquely pre-designed YouTube intros gives you access to the powerhouse of an entire branding and computer animation team — right inside your browser.

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