Best Animation Video Logo Maker for Your Business

Create your own video logos completely online. No design skills needed.

A video logo announces the start of something amazing! Everybody enjoys the exciting logos before a movie or the opening sequence to a good TV show.

Video logos raise anticipation for the following content and add magic to your brand. Whether you are an aspiring YouTuber, vlogger or a business owner, with Introbrand you can now create videos showing your own logo in just a few clicks.

Make an animated video logo for your business

Introbrand is a an easy-to-use online video logo maker. The process is fully online and the final video your create will be ready for download in minutes. Add a short video logo to your videos and engage your audience through striking visuals.

The popularity of video is on the rise. Regardless of the industry or project you are working on, adding a slick video logo to your video productions is a highly effective video marketing strategy.

Tips for creating efficient video logos

Create a stylish video logo with a reliable and professional-grade video logo maker. Check out the selection of pre-designed video logo templates and pick the style that represents the mood of your business, company or channel. Before you start, check out our best practices for creating a great video logo.

Short and sweet

In movie theater days, video logos were 15 to 20 seconds. Nowadays we highly recommend staying within 8 seconds, 5 seconds or even 3 seconds mark if you want to keep viewers watching your content.

Look professional

The No 1 mistake many video creators make is to use a self-made or amateurish video logo intro. You only have one chance to make a great first impression, use it! Otherwise viewers will judge you, skip the entire video and likely avoid clicking on your videos in future.

It's not about you

As much as you like your own video logo and individual style, your audience is the one that will judge its greatness after all. Your logo stands for what you do, so choose a simple looking animation that puts your logo in the center of action. Also, have your target audience in mind. If your viewers belong to a particular group create something that will appeal to their interests and needs.

Examples made with this video logo maker

Brilliant video logos capture and distill the mood of a brand in just a few seconds, turning it into a memorable moment. That’s how viewers remember the brand's name and link it with emotion. Video logos can create a variety of impressions and moods. Take a look at some examples:.

Type Animation Wildstyle

Graffiti and street art mark urban culture today. Wildstyle will bring a young feel to your brand and boost the popularity of your videos. Colorful and dynamic, this video reflects the urban culture and the exhilarating variety of life.

Logo reveal Spacecoil

You can use this outstanding animation that combines colorful zigzag lines in a hi-tech effect for your gaming channel, or even as a stand-alone piece featuring a logo or text. It is effective for both company and brand promotions as well as for video branding and channel trailers.

Dark Animation Blackbars

Looking for something darker that will set off your popularity? Then choose our Blackbars animation that combines text or image with dark, gritty shades of grey. Use it for hip videos, product packshots, street-style brand or even the next Halloween.

Logo Video Candykid

Add a sweet retro feel to productions with this appealing animation. You can change its colors with color slider to get darker or lighter shades. Your name will surely pop out from the grey mishmash with this logo video.

Logo Barcode

The combination of modern technology and raw black and white style brings you this video logo inspired by the graphic intro from the cult film Trainspotting 1. Give it a color boost by adding a colorful text or logo, or keep it original by adding a full black source.

Logo Intro Emberbash

Add confidence to video channels by using this explosive logo intro that creates sizzling feel with glowing hot particles on a dark background. Use it for a YouTube channel or video production. You can also customize its colors to get the effect of glowing lava, green venom or icy blue look that will surely capture attention.

How the video logo maker works?

1. Pick a video logo template

Select the video logo design that best aligns with your brand and will resonate with the target audience.

2. Choose 3, 5 or 8 sec duration

Take advantage of this unique option offered by Introbrand and pick a length that will best support your message.

3. Upload a logo and add text

It’s simple as that! Our automated video logo maker will do the complex process of animation for you.

4. Customize colors and music

Make your exclusive video logo by adjusting the colors and adding a soundtrack from our free music library.

5. Make preview video for free

Just click on the create preview button and the video logo maker will prepare a free preview video. You can edit the preview until you're 100% happy.

6. Pick video format for export

We offer video resolutions of up to 4K. Take advantage of this exceptional offer and create a super-slick video. You’ll have an amazing video logo ready for download and posting in a few minutes.

First thing people see is your logo, so be sure to always make a great first impression.

Add motion to your logo today with the Introbrand video logo maker, and see where it takes you.

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