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Create animated video for marketing and promo videos, fully online with Introbrand

Animated video is on the rise and it's quickly becoming the most widespread media of our times. It's getting tougher to stand out among the competition out there. With our promo video maker you can create stylish promotional videos like business videos, marketing videos, video bumpers, logos, video ads, social or product videos, etc.

Brand your video productions and add professional motion graphics. Our online video maker is easy-to-use, all you need is your browser and creativity. No video editing skills needed.

Video Maker for Video Marketing

Introbrand is an online video maker that gives professional results, yet easy to use. It works like your own branding and design team wedged inside your browser window. You can take full control and customize videos entirely online. Our sleek designed videos are designed to engage your viewers and to make your brand grow.

No matter what your content is, we offer a variety of exclusively designed video animations to create unique video clip that boost your video marketing efforts.

video maker

How to Create my Video Online?

  1. Choose a video design
    Pick your favorite video theme from our catalog. You can search and filter by style, category, duration, and resolution.

  2. Start with text and logo
    Start creating videos by choosing Add My Logo or Add My Text option from a dropdown menu. Our video designs offer to animate texts or logos.

  3. Choose colors and music
    Personalize colors and music. Follow the simple onscreen instructions – move the color sliders or click the color swatches to adjust colors to your style.

  4. Sign up to get preview
    Before you can preview a video, you’ll need to register. This is needed so we can deliver your custom video to your Introbrand account. No obligation.

  5. Pick a crisp resolution
    You can preview all your works for free. However, for professional use (without our watermark),we offer ultra-crisp HD video resolutions. Just click export next to the video and it will be produced in just a few minutes.

  6. Download final video
    Download the video from your Introbrand account. You don’t ever have to worry about copyrights. All purchased videos made with our online video maker include a lifetime license.

Online Video Production with Professional Quality

Avoid the mistake of looking like the many amateur filmmakers out there. Introbrand offers industry-grade customizable videos that fit almost every purpose, especially for putting your brand out there.

Introbrand's promo video maker gives you creative freedom while guaranteeing professional results. Make amazing videos in just a couple of clicks without any prior experience or complex software.

Video Maker with Professional Features

  • Premier video design

    Industry-grade designer video selection. Only brilliant and professional videos created by pros.

  • Cloud Processing

    No software or editing skills needed. The animated video maker interface is intuitive and has powerful features.

  • Ultimate Time saver

    Make a video with just a few clicks in your browser. All videos are rendered and delivered in minutes.

  • Free preview & music

    Preview your work for free, no credit card needed. Pick a soundtrack from our library to finish up.

  • Unique customization

    Make any video truly your own. You can easily customize texts, logo sizes and choose your favorite colors.

  • License for a lifetime

    Each purchase comes with a commercial license to use your work freely. Everywhere, as much as you like.

Lightning Fast Online Video Maker

Our video maker is a fast and handy tool to create short branded videos. Make high-quality 2D/3D videos completely online. You will master its intuitive interface in a matter of seconds, without any prior technical know-how. Final videos will be rendered and ready for download from your Introbrand dashboard in a few minutes.

Examples Made with our Promo Video Maker

Promo Video Mobile

Inspired by the greatest achievements in art, this neat logo opening combines crystal-clear style with a cinematic light show. Wrap your logo in light and air of this intro that draws upon Alexander Calder’s mobile sculptures and get ready for a huge boost-up in views and clicks.

Video Mobile

Promo Video Mobile

Flatverse Design Video

Join the circle of professional creators with the high-quality channel intro that will enliven your title sequence or a YouTube channel. With flat stripes of color combined in an exciting comosition, this channel intro is perfect as a stand-alone business intro or as an addition to a video production.

Flatverse Video

Flatverse Design Video

3D Video Silkhue

The delicate light effect and silky texture are the perfect choices for lifestyle brands that look for a glossy magazine feel for their intro. Silkhue brings you that in an alluring package which appeal will spellbind your audience and get you ahead of competitors. Create it with Introbrand's promo video maker and let your text shine.

3d video silkhue

3D Video Silk

Animated Video Flatmob

Get a professional packaging for your YouTube or TV channel with Flatmob, a brisk and jazzy channel branding video. Introduce your product and boost your content with its upbeat video asset that establishes a relationship with your audience in seconds.

Animated video Flatmob

Motion Design Branding Flatmob

3D Video Fukuoka

The famous Japanese skyscraper is the inspiration behind this 3D intro. Its intersecting elements create solid and yet dynamic construction, infused with feelings of development and innovation. Choose this intro and bring those core values to your video content as well.

3D Video Fukuoka

3D Video Fukuoka

Particle Teaser Video

Raise your customers’ curiosity with a video that is both stylish and dreamy. Space explorations will dominate the next few decades, so join in and include this space-inspired intro in your own production. With Particle Shine to supercharge your business, the sky is the limit!

Shiny Particle Video

Particle Teaser Video

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