Easy Video Animation Maker for Brands

Create logo animation videos with your own logo in less than 3 minutes fully online

Motion graphic design and animation are omnipresent in today's digital media. No matter if you're a small business owner, a startup or an ambitous influencer. With Introbrand's easy-to-use animation maker you can create your own professional-looking video animations in just a few minutes.

Add bang to your productions

Introbrand is an affordable animation maker that anybody can easily use. We offer professionally-crafted, short and sweet animations that are made to engage and persuade your audience. Attract new viewers with fresh and clean looking intros, outros, logos, bumpers, type and text animations and amp up your video productions with slick branding.

How to make a logo animation

Automated online animation maker

Want to get an animation done over a coffee break? No problem. Introbrand's cloud-based animation maker combines a slick desktop and mobile interface with powerful graphics processing that will get you to the finish line in no time. To start, just pick a design from our best-in-class library. No need for complex software downloads. With our simple online animation creator the creative process is intuitive and fun.

Use Introbrand animations for:

    • Branding of website videos (video branding)

    • Product videos for e-commerce

    • Animation intros for YouTube or Vimeo

    • Presentations and promos

    • Social media covers, profile videos and ads

    • Ads and bumpers

    • Movie trailer production

    • Animated elements, titles, lower thirds

    • Opening titles for web series, TV show or events

    • Physical video walls, LED screen content

    • Point-of-sale branding

    • Real estate videos

    • Restaurant screens

And many more…

Examples of animations

Type Animation Blockload

One way to reveal your text or logo is through digital blocks of powerful animation that is quick and upbeat. If you don’t have time to show lengthy motion graphics than this type animation reminiscent of digital worlds and speed is a perfect choice for you.

Snappy animation Squarepop

By choosing this snappy animation with abstract forms, color harmony, and upbeat design, you show that you care for details. The combination of a square, lines, and dynamic and solid forms is an effective choice for a YouTube channel or Instagram post. Introbrand's animation maker lets you also adapt colors to fit your message or text.

Animated Opener Dubcircle

The echo effect and replication of forms are behind this clean animated opener that easily adds energy to your channel. It can perfectly fit various purposes and is designed with versatility in mind. Get your logo or text a clean and minimalistic wrap that will definitely boost-up your audience.

Corporate Animation

Your video production will benefit from this corporate-style animation. Its universal look and modern feel will make a statement that you’re at the top of your industry. Getting a freelancer to do an animation for you can be costly. Avoid expenses by choosing this perfect corporate animation done by professionals.

Type Animation Wildstyle

Inspired by the urban culture that is marked with graffiti and street art, this type animation brings the same urban feel to your brand or channel. Swirling colors and freestyle lines reflect the youth culture and the dynamic and inspirational way of life on the streets of a global metropolis that your brand is a part of.

Logo reveal Spacecoil

Ready to add a hi-tech effect to your channel or video production? The zigzag lines of Spacecoil are set to excite your viewers and give them an outstanding experience in just a few seconds. Use it for your promotions, branding, channel trailers, or for any other purpose when you need some sci-fi video magic.

Dark Animation Blackbars

Get some dark and cool feel to your product packshot, hip channel or even the company’s Halloween promo with Blackbars. Gritty shades of grey and dark imagery are perfect for gaming channels as well, when you need to set the bar and stand out from the rest of the pack.

Animated Intro Neonbull

Get ahead of the competition with Neonbull Intro animation that combines a strong pulling force of twisting lines with softer, pastel colors. Unleashing the raging bull stock markets with an informative and clear neon feel, this cool animation resembles financial and trading charts brought into one.

Text Animation Glasslath

Clear, animated laths make this video a flat and elegant choice that is understated and simple. It is a true treat to watch and a relaxation from all the visual noise that polluts the web. Bring this clarity and transparency to your brand, by adding Glasslath to your corporate video, branding ident, or a YouTube channel.

Logo Animation Ripline

A simple animation with a subtle twist is always more efficient than overloaded and blinking videos brimming with colors and effects. With Ripline, your text or logo will be elegantly revealed in just 3 seconds, enough to capture the interest of customers and increase your brand recognition.

Variety of themes and styles

Our growing animation library contains an abundant choice of professional looking animated videos. Start with one of the animations and customize its color, duration, text, and resolution. The easy animation maker will inspire you to play around for free with different designs, styles and color tones. Create as many previews as you want, until you are 100% happy with the results. 

Introbrand's animation maker is updated with new templates frequently. If you didn't find any template for your purposes, we invite you to send us links to your favorite designs and we'll give our best to add your ideas to our library. 

Kickstart your business with Introbrand animations

  • You’ll get 42% more traffic if you put videos on your website
  • Money will flow in 51% faster if you include video on your page
  • Conversion rates will double if you use professional animations

Now get started with our animation creator and put your own animation video to your website or social media channel. Impress your viewers (and competitors) with a bold visual statement they’ll remember.

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